Superannuation and Pensions Act, 1963

Special severance gratuities.

7.—Where an established civil servant retires or is removed from the Civil Service—

(a) in consequence of the abolition of his office, or

(b) for the purpose of facilitating improvements in the organisation of the department to which he belongs by which greater efficiency or economy can be effected,

the Minister may, if in his discretion he so thinks proper, grant to the civil servant a special severance gratuity not exceeding—

(i) one-half of the annual salary of the office of the civil servant, or

(ii) the aggregate of the payments of salary which would have been made to him had he remained in an established position until he reached the age of sixty-five years or, in case he would, on retiring on a date not later than three months after attaining the age of sixty-five years, have one more year of service reckonable in computing a superannuation allowance than he would have had on retiring on attaining the age of sixty-five years, the age which he would attain on that date,

whichever is the lesser.