Electoral Act, 1963


8.—(1) An appeal shall lie to the Circuit Court from any decision on any claim or objection which has been considered under the regulations under section 7 of this Act.

(2) Subsection (1) of this section shall be subject to the proviso that an appeal shall not lie where a claimant or objector has not availed himself of an opportunity provided in the regulations under section 7 of this Act, of having his claim or objection decided in the first instance by the authority specified in that behalf in the regulations.

(3) An appeal to the Supreme Court shall lie on any point of law from a decision of the Circuit Court on any such appeal, but, save as aforesaid, there shall be no appeal from any such decision.

(4) The right of voting of any person whose name is for the time being on the register of electors shall not be prejudiced by any appeal pending under this section, and any vote given in pursuance of that right shall be as good as if no such appeal were pending, and shall not be affected by the subsequent decision on the appeal.

(5) The qualification or liability of an appellant to serve as a juror shall not be affected by the fact that an appeal is pending under this section.

(6) Notice shall be sent to the registration authority in manner provided by rules of court of the decision of the Circuit Court or the Supreme Court on any appeal under this section, and the registration authority shall make such alterations in the register of electors as may be required to give effect to the decision.