Electoral Act, 1963

Polling cards.

23.—(1) Where a poll is to be taken at a Dáil election in a constituency, the returning officer shall send to every elector whose name is on the register of Dáil electors for the constituency and is not on the postal voters list a card (in this section referred to as a polling card) in the form specified by regulations made by the Minister informing him of his number (including polling district letter) on the register of Dáil electors and of the place at which he will be entitled to vote.

(2) A polling card shall be addressed to the elector at the address in respect of which he is registered in the register of Dáil electors and shall be sent in sufficient time to be delivered in the ordinary course of post at that address not later than the third day before the polling day.

(3) A polling card shall be dispatched by post and shall be transmitted free of charge by the earliest practicable post.

(4) Expenses incurred by a returning officer in complying with this section shall be expenses incurred by him for the purposes of the election within the meaning of section 25 of the Principal Act.

(5) No election shall be invalidated by reason of any failure to send, non-delivery of or error or misstatement in, a polling card.

(6) No action or other proceeding shall lie against a returning officer in respect of any error or misstatement in a polling card.