Coast Protection Act, 1963

Declaration by promoting authority on receipt of scheme.

8.—(1) Where the promoting authority receive a copy of a coast protection scheme sent pursuant to subsection (1) of section 6 of this Act, they shall either—

(a) declare that the scheme is not to be proceeded with, or

(b) declare that the scheme is to be proceeded with.

(2) Where a declaration has been made under paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of this section, the promoting authority shall—

(a) publish in Iris Oifigiúil, and in one or more newspapers circulating in the county of the promoting authority and any other county the council of which named the promoting authority pursuant to this Act, a notice stating that the coast protection scheme has been prepared and also stating the place or places at which and the period, not being less than one month, during which a copy of the scheme will be available for inspection in pursuance of this section,

(b) cause the copy of the coast protection scheme sent to them by the Commissioners to be exhibited in their principal offices or other convenient place during the period specified in that behalf in the notice referred to in the foregoing paragraph and shall permit the copy to be inspected during office hours by any person claiming to be interested therein.

(3) The making of a declaration under this section shall be a reserved function.