S.I. No. 175/1962 - Saint Stephen's Green Bye-Laws, 1962.

S.I. No. 175 of 1962.


Bye-Laws made by the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland under "The Saint Stephen's Green (Dublin) Act 1877" for regulating the use and enjoyment of Saint Stephen's Green.

The expression "the Green" means the Saint Stephen's Green and "the Commissioners" means the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland.

1. All previous Bye-Laws are hereby repealed.

2. (I) The Green shall be opened and closed at the following hours except during periods of statutory Summer Time :

(a) Opening hours.

On Sundays 10 a.m.; on other days 8 a.m.

(b) Closing hours.

January—4 p.m.; February—5 p.m.; March—6 p.m; April—7 p.m.; May—8 p.m.; June and July—9 p.m.; August—8 p.m.; September—7 p.m.; October—6 p.m.; November—5 p.m.; December—4 p.m.

During periods of statutory Summer Time, closing hours will be one hour later than those indicated.

The above opening and closing hours will be subject to variation by the Commissioners as circumstances may require.

(II) No unauthorised person shall enter or remain in any part of the Green when it is closed.

3. No person shall bring into the Green, except with the permission of the Commissioners

(i) any bicycle or other vehicle except an invalid chair or carriage or a perambulator;

(ii) any animal other than a dog on lead;

(iii) any chair or seat or bench;

(iv) any fire-arm, airgun, catapult or other weapon

(v) fireworks or other inflammable or dangerous materials;

(vi) advertisements, posters or handbills.

4. No person shall, within the Green—

(i) enter upon any flower bed, shrubbery or pond;

(ii) climb any tree, fence, railing, wall, ornament or statue;

(iii) injure or deface any tree, shrub, plant, seat, notice board or other property;

(iv) beg, gamble, trade, use obscene or profane language, behave indecently or importune or otherwise cause annoyance;

(v) without the permission of the Commissioners, engage or take part in any dancing, theatrical or musical performance or operate any radio, cinema, television or gramophone apparatus;

(vi) hold or address a public meeting;

(vii) play or practise any game outside any permitted area;

(viii) deposit or leave any offensive matter or litter or, except in receptacles provided for the purpose, any bottle, tin, container, waste-paper or other like article or thing;

(ix) resist, obstruct or interfere with, any employee of the Commissioners or other person in the exercise of his duty or disobey his lawful directions.

5. Any person offending against any of the foregoing may be removed from the Green and shall on summary conviction be liable to a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds.

GIVEN under the Common Seal of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland this Twelfth day of September 1962.


Office of Public Works,



Minister for Finance.

Fifteenth day of October, 1962.


Revised Bye-Laws for Saint Stephen's Green, Dublin.