Coroners Act, 1962

Office of coroner.

8.—(1) There shall be a coroner for every coroner's district.

(2) The coroner for a coroner's district shall be appointed by the local authority in whose area the district is situate.

(3) The office of coroner shall be an office to which the Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Act, 1926 , applies and that Act shall apply accordingly but with the following modifications:

(a) “the Minister” in the said Act shall, in relation to the office of coroner, mean the Minister for Justice,

(b) subsection (1) of section 5, subsections (1) and (2) of section 7 and section 11 of that Act shall not apply to the office of coroner,

(c) the Minister shall, after consultation with the Local Appointments Commissioners, declare, either generally or for a particular appointment, the qualifications as to age, health and character for appointment to the office of coroner,

(d) the reference in subsection (3) of section 7 of that Act to qualifications prescribed under that section shall be construed as a reference to qualifications declared under paragraph (c) of this subsection, and

(e) every person to be recommended for appointment to the office of coroner shall be selected by such means and in such manner as the Local Appointments Commissioners think proper.

(4) The modifications effected by subsection (3) of this section shall not apply in the case of the appointment of a coroner after the commencement of this Act where the qualifications for the appointment were prescribed before such commencement, and the appointment shall be made as if this Act had not been passed.

(5) The Local Appointments Commissioners shall, before recommending a person for appointment to the office of coroner, satisfy themselves that the person possesses the requisite knowledge and ability for the proper discharge of the duties of that office.