Coroners Act, 1962

Certification and payment of certain sums.

58.—(1) A coroner may, in respect of any matter for which a fee or expenses is or are prescribed under section 57 of this Act, issue his certificate for the payment by a specified local authority to the person concerned of a sum not greater than the sum prescribed in that behalf.

(2) Every person to whom a certificate has been issued under this section may present the certificate to the local authority specified in the certificate and thereupon the local authority shall pay the sum mentioned in the certificate to the person.

(3) The local authority to be specified in a certificate issued under this section shall be—

(a) in a case where the certificate is issued after an inquest by a coroner who would not ordinarily hold the inquest, the local authority by whom the coroner who would ordinarily hold the inquest was appointed,

(b) in case the certificate is issued by a deputy coroner acting in place of a coroner, the local authority by whom the coroner was appointed,

(c) in every other case, the local authority by whom the coroner issuing the certificate was appointed.

(4) No certificate for the payment of any fee shall be issued under this section to a registered medical practitioner who is on the staff of a health institution, within the meaning of the Health Act, 1947 , or a hospital in connection with an inquest on the body of a person who died in the institution, if it was his duty to attend the person.