Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1962

Provision in relation to Moville Area.

30.—(1) Sections 102, 103 and 114 and Parts XIII to XVI (which provisions relate to sea fisheries and certain other matters) of the Principal Act shall (notwithstanding section 325 of that Act) extend to the Moville Area and, for the purpose of giving full effect to the said provisions, every other provision of the Principal Act or of this Act which is applicable in relation to any of the said provisions shall also extend to that Area.

(2) The provisions of the Fisheries Acts, 1842 to 1958, corresponding to the said extended provisions of the Principal Act shall, in so far as they continued to be in force in the Moville Area by reason of the operation of section 325 of that Act, cease to be in force.

(3) Section 29 of this Act shall not extend to the Moville Area.