Pharmacy Act, 1962

Regulations for courses of training and examinations for candidates for registration.

4.—(1) The Council may, in accordance with regulations made by the Council with the approval of the Minister, provide or make provision for the courses of training and examinations to be taken by candidates for registration in any of the registers maintained by the Society and the regulations may specify the manner in which and the conditions under which training shall be provided and may, in particular, provide—

(a) for the approval by the Council for the purposes of the regulations of lecturers, teachers and examiners,

(b) for the conditions of admission to the examinations,

(c) for the recognition and approval by the Council of courses of study and training and of examinations of institutions or bodies other than the Society where the Council are satisfied that the institutions or bodies are suitable for the provision of such courses or the holding of such examinations,

(d) that the institutions or bodies referred to in paragraph (c) of this subsection shall comply with requirements specified in the regulations before recognition of their courses or examinations is granted by the Council,

(e) for the granting of certificates to persons taking the courses and passing the examinations.

(2) On the commencement of regulations under this section—

(a) section 21 of the Principal Act shall cease to have effect, and

(b) the reference in section 22 of the Principal Act to the provisions of that Act shall be construed and have effect as a reference to the provisions of regulations under this section.