Street and House To House Collections Act, 1962

Attachment of conditions to collection permits.

8.—(1) A Chief Superintendent may attach to a collection permit granted by him such conditions in relation to the conduct of the collection authorised by the permit as are, in his opinion, necessary or desirable for the maintenance of public order and the prevention of annoyance to the public (including the occupants of houses visited by collectors) and in particular all or any one or more of the following conditions—

(a) a condition prohibiting the holding of the collection in particular areas of the locality in which the collection is authorised by the collection permit to be held or at particular times,

(b) a condition limiting the number of collectors who may be engaged in the collection,

(c) a condition prohibiting the wearing of fancy dress, masks or disguises by the collectors engaged in the collection,

(d) a condition prohibiting the making of the collection by collectors in vehicles.

(2) Every condition attached under this section to a collection permit shall be set out in full in the permit.