Hospitals Federation and Amalgamation Act, 1961

Central Council of Federated Dublin Voluntary Hospitals.

5.—(1) There shall, by virtue of this section, be established on the establishment day a body which shall be known as the Central Council of the Federated Dublin Voluntary Hospitals (in this Act referred to as the Council) and which shall be charged with the performance of the functions assigned to it by the subsequent provisions of this Act.

(2) The Council shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and power to sue and be sued in its corporate name and to acquire, hold and dispose of land.

(3) The Council may build, equip, maintain and administer hospitals.

(4) The Council shall provide and have an official seal.

(5) The seal of the Council shall be authenticated by the signature of the chairman or vice-chairman of the Council and the signature of an officer of the Council duly authorised by the Council to act in that behalf.

(6) Judicial notice shall be taken of the seal of the Council, and every document purporting to be an instrument made by the Council and to be sealed with the seal (purporting to be authenticated in accordance with this section) of the Council shall be received in evidence and be deemed to be such instrument without further proof unless the contrary is shown.

(7) The Minister may, by order made on the request of the Council, change the corporate name of the Council.