Hospitals Federation and Amalgamation Act, 1961

Confirmation of agreement between Trinity College, the Royal College of Physicians and Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital.

25.—The agreement made on the 15th day of May, 1961, a copy whereof is set out in the Fourth Schedule to this Act, is hereby confirmed and for that purpose it is hereby declared and enacted as follows:

(a) the said agreement shall have statutory effect and shall be binding on the several parties thereto as fully as if it had been enacted in this Act;

(b) each party to the said agreement shall, notwithstanding any limitations on the power of such party to enter into the said agreement, have and be deemed always to have had power to enter into the said agreement;

(c) it shall be the duty of each party to the said agreement and such party is hereby empowered to carry out the said agreement so far as the provisions thereof are to be performed by such party.