Industrial Research and Standards Act, 1961

Functions of the Institute.

6.—(1) The Institute shall fulfil the functions assigned to it by this Act.

(2) The functions of the Institute are—

(a) to undertake, encourage and foster scientific research and investigation with the object of—

(i) promoting the utilisation of the natural resources of the State,

(ii) improving the technical processes and methods used in the industries of the State,

(iii) discovering technical processes and methods which may promote or facilitate the expansion of existing or the development of new industries, and the utilisation of the waste products of industry,

(b) to formulate for the Minister in accordance with his directions specifications for such commodities, processes and practices as the Minister may from time to time request,

(c) with the consent of the Minister, to declare any specification so formulated to be a standard specification for the commodity, process or practice to which it relates,

(d) to make recommendations to the Minister as to the provision and use of standard marks for commodities, processes and practices which conform to standard specifications,

(e) to disseminate technical literature and information to industry,

(f) where the public interest so requires, to undertake or assist in the development and the exploitation of inventions,

(g) to test and analyse commodities, intended for sale or for use by the public, for the purpose of—

(i) advancing or facilitating scientific research and investigation,

(ii) ensuring conformity with standard specifications,

(iii) encouraging the standardisation of commodities, processes and practices,

or, generally, with the object of ascertaining, for the public benefit, the characteristics of such commodities,

(h) to publish the result of any test or analysis carried out by the Institute or by any person on its behalf.

(3) The Institute may arrange with any person for the carrying out by that person on behalf of the Institute of any research, investigation, test or analysis referred to in subsection (2) of this section.

(4) The functions of the Institute shall not include any function assigned to An Foras Talúntais by the Agriculture (An Foras Talúntais) Act, 1958 .