Charities Act, 1961

Power of Board to apply for conduct of administration suits and suits for carrying out trusts of wills in case of delay.


(a) a person has by will devised or bequeathed any property for charitable purposes, and

(b) a suit for the administration of the assets or carrying out the trusts of the will has been instituted by the personal representative of that person,

the Board (though not parties to the suit) may, on the ground of delay, apply to the Court in which the suit is pending to have the conduct of the suit transferred to the Board, and thereupon the Court, if of opinion that there has been undue or improper delay in proceeding with the suit, may—

(a) give the conduct of the suit to the Board, or

(b) impose on the party having conduct of the suit such terms as it deems necessary for bringing the suit to a speedy termination,

and may make such orders on the application as the Court thinks fit.