Dairy Produce Marketing Act, 1961

Obligation of the Board to purchase butter from creameries.

44.—(1) The Board shall purchase at the price which stands fixed for the time being under subsection (2) of this section and is appropriate in relation to the purchase all butter which—

(a) is offered for sale at that price to the Board by the registered proprietor of a creamery,

(b) was manufactured in that creamery, and

(c) is of a kind which conforms with the provisions in relation to creamery butter of the Dairy Produce Acts, 1924 to 1947, and the regulations made thereunder.

(2) The Government may from time to time fix the price of butter for the purposes of subsection (1) of this section or may fix two or more prices varying in accordance with either or both of the following, that is to say, the quantity of butter sold and the method of packing the butter, and may specify a date or dates as on and from which purchases shall be made at the price or prices so fixed and the Minister shall notify the Board in writing of the price or prices so fixed and the date or dates so specified.