Dairy Produce Marketing Act, 1961

Regional advisory committees.

35.—(1) The Board may, if it so thinks fit, establish in such manner as it thinks fit regional advisory committees composed of milk producers, persons representative of manufacturers of milk products and persons representative of the dairying industry generally, or composed of any or some of those categories of persons, to advise the Board in relation to the performance of its functions and the Board may, if it thinks fit, pay out of the Fund the whole or such part as it thinks proper of the expenses of any committees established under this section (including the expenses of travel and subsistence of the members thereof).

(2) The appointment of a person to act as a member of a committee established under this section shall be subject to such conditions (including conditions in relation to the term and tenure of office of the member) as the Board may think fit to impose when making the appointment.

(3) The Board may at any time dissolve a committee appointed under this section.