Petroleum and Other Minerals Development Act, 1960

Chapter VI.

Provisions in relation to compensation payable under section 5.

Interpretation (Chapter VI, Part II).

33.—(1) In this Chapter—

“appointed area”, in relation to a petroleum well, means the land contained in a circle surrounding that petroleum well and having a radius of a quarter of a mile and a centre fixed in the prescribed manner;

“compensation” means compensation payable under section 5 of this Act;

“compensation area”, in relation to a petroleum well, means so much of the appointed area in relation to that petroleum well as consists of land directly under which there are situate minerals, an estate in which was immediately before the operative date vested in any person other than a Minister of State;

“petroleum” means petroleum the property in which is vested in the Minister by section 5 of this Act.

(2) For the purposes of this Chapter, the lessee under a lease granted under section 11 of the Mines and Minerals Act, 1931 , or under a lease granted, before the operative date, under section 36 of the Minerals Development Act, 1940 , shall be deemed not to have been entitled immediately before the operative date, to an estate in the minerals to which the lease relates.