Property Values (Arbitrations and Appeals) Act, 1960

Amendment of section 1 of Act of 1919.

4.—The arbitration referred to in subsection (1) of section 1 of the Act of 1919 shall, in relation to the reference and determination under that subsection of any question, be the arbitration of a property arbitrator nominated for the purposes of such reference and determination by the Reference Committee in accordance with rules made by the Reference Committee under this section and, accordingly—

(a) so much of the said subsection (1) as provides for the reference of questions to and their determination by such one of a panel of official arbitrators to be appointed under the said section 1 as may be selected as therein provided shall cease to have effect, and

(b) references in the Act of 1919 to an official arbitrator shall be construed as references to a property arbitrator nominated under this section.