Broadcasting Authority Act, 1960

Officers and servants (other than the Director-General) of Authority.

12.—(1) The Authority shall, as well as appointing the Director-General, appoint such and so many other persons to be officers and servants of the Authority as the Authority from time to time thinks proper, but, subject to subsection (2) of this section, a person shall not be appointed under this section to be an officer of the Authority unless he has been selected by means of a public competition.

(2) The requirement under subsection (1) of this section of being selected by means of a public competition shall not apply in relation to:

(i) a person who, immediately before the establishment day, was an officer of the Minister employed in the broadcasting service,

(ii) an appointment consisting of the promotion of a person who is already an officer of the Authority,

(iii) an office for which, in the opinion of the Authority, specialised qualifications not commonly held are required, or

(iv) an office to which appointments are made for limited periods only, being periods not exceeding two years.