Administration of Estates Act, 1959

Special provisions as to unregistered land.

21.—(1) An assent to the vesting of any estate or interest in unregistered land of a testator or intestate in favour of the person entitled thereto shall—

(a) be in writing,

(b) be signed by the personal representatives,

(c) be deemed, for the purposes of the Registration of Deeds Act, 1707, to be a conveyance of that estate or interest from the personal representatives to the person entitled,

(d) operate, subject to the provisions of the Registration of Deeds Act, 1707, with respect to priorities, to vest that estate or interest in the person entitled subject to such charges and incumbrances, if any, as may be specified in the assent and as may otherwise affect that estate or interest,

(e) subject to the provisions of the Registration of Deeds Act, 1707, be deemed (unless a contrary intention appears therein) for all purposes necessary to establish the title of the person entitled to intervening rents and profits to relate back to the death of the deceased person so, however, that nothing in this paragraph shall operate to enable any person to establish a title inconsistent with the will of the deceased person.

(2) Any person in whose favour an assent or conveyance of any unregistered land is made by personal representatives may at his own expense require the personal representatives to register that assent or conveyance in the Registry of Deeds pursuant to the Registration of Deeds Act, 1707.