Administration of Estates Act, 1959

Calendars of grants.

17.—(1) The President of the High Court shall from time to time cause to be prepared in the Probate Office calendars of the grants of probate and administration made in the Probate Office and in the several district probate registries for such periods as the President of the High Court may direct.

(2) Every such calendar shall contain a note of every probate or administration with the will annexed and of every other administration granted within the period specified in the calendar, setting forth—

(a) the date of the grant,

(b) the place (being the Probate Office or a district probate registry) in which the grant was made,

(c) the name and address and the date of death of the testator or intestate,

(d) the names and descriptions of the executors or administrators, and

(e) the value of the estate, if any.

(3) A copy of every calendar so prepared shall be sent by post or otherwise to every district probate registry, and every copy so sent shall be kept in the district probate registry to which it is sent.