Maritime Jurisdiction Act, 1959

Fishery permits.

8.—(1) Whenever the Minister for Lands so thinks proper, for experimental purposes in connection with sea-fishing, the Minister may issue a permit authorising fishing by means of a specified foreign sea-fishing boat (as defined by section 219 of the Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959 ) within the exclusive fishery limits of the State or any defined area or areas thereof.

(2) A permit shall be subject to such conditions as the Minister, at his discretion, shall specify, including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, conditions as to the kind of fish to be taken, the disposal of the catch, the method of fishing to be employed, the times of fishing, and the information to be furnished in respect of the movements and operations of the boat.

(3) The Minister may at any time modify the conditions of a permit and impose new conditions, and may revoke the permit.

(4) Fishing under and in accordance with the conditions for the time being attached to a permit in force under this section shall not be a contravention of the prohibition on fishing by means of a foreign sea-fishing boat imposed by subsection (1) of section 222 of the Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959 .