Finance Act, 1959

Procedure on apportionments etc.

64.—(1) Where, under or by virtue of any provisions of this Part of this Act, any sum falls to be apportioned and, at the time of the apportionment, it appears that it is material as respects the liability to income tax (for whatever year of assessment) of two or more persons, any question which arises as to the manner in which the sum is to be apportioned shall be determined, for the purposes of the income tax of all those persons, by the Special Commissioners, in like manner as if it were an appeal against an assessment to income tax under Schedule D, and the provisions of the Income Tax Acts relating to such an appeal shall apply accordingly with any necessary modifications:

Provided that all the said persons shall be entitled to appear and be heard by the Special Commissioners or to make representations to them in writing.

(2) This section applies in relation to any determination for the purposes of this Part of this Act of the price which property would have fetched if sold in the open market as it applies in relation to apportionments.