Finance Act, 1959

Relief for expense.

52.—(1) In computing the profits or gains of any trade, there shall be allowed to be deducted as expenses any fees paid or expenses incurred on or after the operative date in obtaining, for the purposes of the trade, the grant of a patent or an extension of the term of a patent.

(2) Where—

(a) on or after the operative date, a person, otherwise than for the purposes of a trade carried on by him, pays any fees or incurs any expenses in connection with the grant or maintenance of a patent or the obtaining of an extension of a term of a patent, and

(b) those fees or expenses would, if they had been paid or incurred for the purposes of a trade, have been allowable as a deduction in estimating the profits or gains thereof,

there shall be made to him, for the year of assessment in which those expenses were paid or incurred, an allowance equal to the amount thereof.

(3) Where a patent is granted in respect of any invention, an allowance equal to so much of the net amount of any expenses incurred on or after the operative date by an individual who, whether alone or in conjunction with any other person, actually devised the invention as is properly ascribable to the devising thereof (not being expenses in respect of which, or of assets representing which, an allowance falls to be made under any other provision of the Income Tax Acts) shall be made to that individual for the year of assessment in which the expenses were incurred.

(4) The provisions of subsection (3) of this section shall apply in relation to expenses incurred before the operative date as if those expenses were incurred on that day, subject to the modification that, if the patent in question was granted one complete year or more before that day, the amount to be allowed shall be reduced by applying thereto the fraction the numerator of which is seventeen less the number of complete years comprised in the period beginning with the commencement of the patent and ending immediately before the operative date and the denominator of which is seventeen.