Office Premises Act, 1958

Unsuitable rooms.

14.—(1) Clerical work shall not be carried on in any room which is certified by the enforcing authority to be unsuitable for the purpose as regards construction, height, light or ventilation, or on any hygienic ground, or on the ground that adequate means of escape in case of fire are not provided.

(2) Where the enforcing authority certifies under subsection (1) as unsuitable any room which is in actual use, the authority shall suspend the operation of the certificate for such period as the authority considers reasonable with a view to enabling the room to be rendered suitable or enabling the occupier to obtain other premises and the authority shall serve a copy of the certificate and notice of any suspension thereof on the occupier and the owner.

(3) If the occupier or owner is aggrieved by any decision of the enforcing authority under this section—

(a) he may, within twenty-one days of the date of issue of the certificate, appeal by way of complaint to the District Court,

(b) pending the final determination of an appeal against a decision under subsection (1) in the case of a room in actual use, no offence shall be deemed to be committed by reference to that subsection in respect of the room to which the appeal relates,

(c) the decision of the Court shall in all cases be binding on the occupier, the owner and the enforcing authority.