Office Premises Act, 1958


12.—(1) Effective provision shall be made for securing and maintaining sufficient and suitable lighting, whether natural or artificial, in every part of an office in which persons are working or passing.

(2) The Minister, after consultation with the Minister for Health, may, by regulations, prescribe a standard of sufficient and suitable lighting for offices or for any class or description of office or parts thereof or for any kind of clerical work.

(3) All glazed windows and skylights used for the lighting of rooms shall, so far as practicable, be kept clean on both the inner and outer surfaces and free from obstruction.

(4) Subsection (3) shall not affect the whitewashing or shading of windows and skylights for the purposes of mitigating heat or glare or the reasonable use of protective or translucent screens.

(5) So far as is reasonably practicable arrangements shall be made so that there is not, by reason of—

(a) the brightness of the light, or

(b) unsuitable shading, or

(c) unsuitable placing of light sources or positions of work,

discomfort or injury from glare or from reflection of light into the eyes of the worker.