Greyhound Industry Act, 1958

Artificial insemination of greyhounds.

39.—(1) The Board may, after consultation with the Club and with the consent of the Minister, make regulations controlling the practice of artificial insemination of greyhounds.

(2) Regulations under this section may, in particular, make provision for—

(a) prohibiting persons from engaging in the artificial insemination of greyhounds save under and in accordance with licences granted by the Board at its discretion,

(b) the making by the Board of charges in respect of the grant, retention or renewal of licences,

(c) the attachment of conditions to licences,

(d) the suspension and revocation of licences,

(e) the keeping of records by licensees and the production of such records for inspection and taking of copies or extracts by authorised officers of the Board,

(f) the furnishing of information to the Board by licensees.

(3) A person who contravenes a regulation under this section shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds.