Appropriation Act, 1957

Appropriation of sums voted for supply services, viz., £110,212,729.

4.—(1) All sums granted by this Act and the other Act mentioned in Schedule A annexed to this Act out of the Central Fund towards making good the supply granted, amounting, as appears by the said Schedule, in the aggregate to the sum of one hundred and ten million, two hundred and twelve thousand, seven hundred and twenty-nine pounds, are appropriated and shall be deemed to have been appropriated as from the date of the passing of the Acts mentioned in the said Schedule A for the services and purposes expressed in Schedule B annexed thereto. The abstract of schedules and schedules annexed thereto, with the note (if any) to such schedules shall be deemed to be part of this Act in the same manner as if they had been contained in the body thereof.

(2) In addition to the grants out of the Central Fund referred to in the foregoing subsection of this section, there may be applied out of any money directed under section 2 of the Public Accounts and Charges Act, 1891 , to be applied as appropriations-in-aid of the grants for the services and purposes specified in Schedule B annexed hereto, the sums respectively set forth in the last column of the said Schedule amounting, as appears thereby in the aggregate to the sum of six million, six hundred and twelve thousand, three hundred and thirty-one pounds.