Civil Service Commissioners Act, 1956


Civil Service Commissioners.

Appointment and number of Civil Service Commissioners.

9.—(1) The Government shall from time to time as occasion requires appoint fit and proper persons to be Civil Service Commissioners to fulfil the functions assigned to them by this Act.

(2) The number of the Commissioners shall be three.

(3) (a) The Commissioners may act notwithstanding that there is one vacancy in their number or that any one Commissioner is temporarily absent.

(b) If the Commissioners so consent or, if in the event of a vacancy a Commissioner so consents, any one of the Commissioners may act for them in the event of the temporary absence of the other Commissioners or Commissioner.

(4) The first Commissioners shall be the persons who, immediately before the commencement of this Act, held office as the former Civil Service Commissioners, and those persons shall be deemed to have been appointed Commissioners under subsection (1) of this section.