Animal Remedies Act, 1956

Inspection by authorised officers.

9.—(1) An authorised officer may enter at all reasonable times any premises or vehicle in which he has reason to believe the manufacture, packing, preparation for sale, or sale of any animal remedy to be carried on and may inspect any plant, materials or records found in such premises or vehicle and may take and remove samples of any such materials and may make copies of any such records.

(2) Any person who is engaged in the sale of an animal remedy shall, at the request of an authorised officer, and on production of his authorisation, if so required,—

(a) produce to the officer any records in his possession or control,

(b) furnish to the officer any information in relation to the remedy which he may require, and

(c) supply the officer with a sample of the remedy and of any container therefor, and a copy of any advertisement in relation to such remedy in his possession or control.

(3) No person shall obstruct or impede an authorised officer in the exercise of any of the powers conferred on him under this Act.