Animal Remedies Act, 1956


2.—In this Act—

“advertisement” includes any form of advertising by means of a notice, poster, pamphlet, circular, label, wrapper or other like document but does not include an advertisement in an imported newspaper or journal in relation to an animal remedy which is not manufactured in the State;

“animal” means an animal in relation to which this Act applies;

“animal remedy” means any substance, preparation, mixture or compound, other than a feeding stuff commonly known and used as such, which is intended for administration or application whether internally or externally to an animal by any means for the purpose of preventing, diagnosing or treating any injury, disease, ailment or defect or improving its health or condition;

“authorised officer” means a person authorised in writing by the Minister to exercise the powers conferred on an authorised officer by this Act;

“the Consultative Committee” means the committee set up under section 4;

“the Minister” means the Minister for Agriculture;

“sell” includes offer, expose or keep for sale, invite an offer to buy, or distribute for reward and cognate words shall be construed accordingly.