Fatal Injuries Act, 1956


4.—(1) The damages under section 3 shall be the total of such amounts as the jury or the judge, as the case may be, may think proportioned to the injury resulting from the death to each of the dependants, respectively, for whom or on whose behalf the action is brought, and each such amount shall be separately indicated in the award.

(2) In addition, damages may be awarded in respect of funeral and other expenses actually incurred by the deceased, the dependants or the personal representative by reason of the wrongful act, neglect, or default.

(3) It shall be sufficient for a defendant, in paying money into court in the action, to pay it in one sum as compensation for all the dependants without apportioning it between them.

(4) The amount recovered in the action shall, after deducting the costs not recovered from the defendant, be divided among the persons entitled in such shares as the jury or the judge, as the case may be, may have determined.