Gaming and Lotteries Act, 1956

Lotteries at carnivals and other events.

25.—A lottery shall not be unlawful if—

(a) either—

(i) it is promoted as part of a circus or other travelling show on a day on which under section 6 gaming is permitted, or

(ii) it is promoted as part of a carnival, bazaar, sports meeting, local festival, exhibition or other like event on a day on which under section 7 gaming is permitted and the persons arranging for the holding of the event derive no personal profit from the event or from the lottery, or

(iii) it is promoted by the licensee of a licensed amusement hall or funfair as part of the entertainment therein, and

(b) the tickets are not sold outside the place or premises where the event is in progress, and

(c) they are sold only on the same day or night as the draw and announcement of results, and

(d) the price of each ticket is not more than sixpence, and

(e) no person may win more than the value of ten shillings in the lottery, and

(f) neither taking part in nor the result of the lottery entitles the participant to take part in any other lottery or game or otherwise to receive or be eligible to compete for any money or money's worth.