Local Government Act, 1955


Approved Local Councils in County Boroughs.

Approved local councils in county boroughs.

51.—(1) Where the inhabitants of a locality in a county borough have, either before or after the commencement of this section, established a council, committee or other body, whether corporate or unincorporated, for furthering the general social and economic interests of such inhabitants, the corporation of the county borough may, on the application of such body, by resolution declare that such body shall be an approved local council for the purposes of this Part of this Act.

(2) The making of a declaration under this section shall be a reserved function.

(3) In this Part of this Act “approved local council” means a body in respect of which a declaration under this section has been made and every reference to a corporation made in relation to an approved local council shall be construed as a reference to the particular corporation of a county borough which made the declaration under this section relating to that approved local council.