Local Government Act, 1955

Traffic signs on roads.

36.—(1) The following definition is hereby substituted in subsection (1) of section 69 of the Act of 1946 for the definition of the expression “traffic sign”:—

“the expression ‘traffic sign’ means any sign, device, notice or roadway marking, or any instrument for giving signals by mechanical means, which does one or more of the following:—

(a) gives information in regard to a road, including the places to which it leads, and the distances to or from such places,

(b) warns persons of danger in relation to a road, or advises the precautions to be taken against such danger, or both,

(c) indicates the existence of a road regulation in relation to a road, or implements such a regulation, or both;”

(2) The following subsection is hereby substituted for subsection (2) of section 69 of the Act of 1946:—

“(2) (a) The Minister, if he so thinks fit, may make regulations with respect to specified traffic signs, and where a traffic sign of the same kind as a traffic sign specified in any such regulations is provided by a road authority, it shall be in accordance with the regulations unless otherwise authorised by the Minister.

(b) Regulations under this subsection may specify the significance to be attached to a traffic sign specified in the regulations, but this provision shall not be construed as requiring the regulations to provide that the traffic sign is to comprise any word, words or symbol indicating precisely the significance of the traffic sign.”

(3) The following subsections shall be added to section 69 of the Act of 1946:—

“(14) A person shall not provide any such sign, device, notice or light as is not a traffic sign if, on provision thereof, it is visible from a road and—

(a) it is capable of being confused with a traffic sign,

(b) it makes a traffic sign provided in accordance with this section less visible to road users, or

(c) it obstructs the view of road users so as to render the road dangerous to them.

(15) The occupier or (in the case of unoccupied land) the owner of land on which a sign, device, notice or light is provided in contravention of subsection (14) of this section shall be guilty of an offence under this subsection and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding five pounds together with an additional fine of one pound for each day on which the offence is continued.

(16) Where a traffic sign, not being a traffic sign to which regulations under subsection (2) of this section relate, is provided under this section by a road authority, such traffic sign shall be in conformity with any general or particular directions that may be given from time to time by the Minister.”