Local Government Act, 1955

Dispensing with competitive examination.

29.—(1) Where the Local Appointments Commissioners, with the concurrence of the appropriate Minister, are of opinion that, having regard to the nature of the duties of a particular office to which the Principal Act applies or of all such offices of a particular class, description or grade, to the knowledge and experience necessary for the efficient performance of those duties and to the qualifications (whether existing or proposed) for such office or offices, the person or persons to be recommended for appointment to such office or offices cannot be satisfactorily selected by competitive examination, the Local Appointments Commissioners may, as respects such office or offices, dispense with the competitive examination required by the Principal Act and may select the person or persons to be recommended by them in such manner as they think proper.

In this section “the appropriate Minister” has the same meaning as “the Minister” has in the Principal Act as amended and adapted by subsequent enactments.

(2) Section 9 of the Principal Act shall not apply in any case as respects which subsection (1) of this section is applicable unless the Local Appointments Commissioners have, before the commencement of this section, dispensed with competitive examination in such case pursuant to the said section 9.