City and County Management (Amendment) Act, 1955

Estimates meeting.

10.—(1) An estimate of expenses shall be considered by the local authority at a meeting (in this Act referred to as an estimates meeting) of the local authority at which the manager shall be present and which shall be held during the prescribed period and of which not less than seven days' notice shall have been given to every person who is a member of the local authority when such notice is given.

(2) Not less than seven days before the day on which an estimates meeting of a local authority is to be held, the manager shall—

(a) deposit in the offices of the local authority a copy of the estimate of expenses,

(b) send a copy of the estimate of expenses, together with a copy of any separate report under subsection (3) of section 9 of this Act, to every person who is, on the day before the commencement of the said seven days, a member of the local authority, and

(c) give public notice in the prescribed manner of the fact that the estimate of expenses has been made and that a copy thereof has been deposited as aforesaid.

(3) A copy of an estimate of expenses which is deposited in pursuance of this section in the offices of a local authority may be inspected free of charge by any member of the public at any time while those offices are open for the transaction of official business, and the manager shall supply to a person making application to him therefor a copy of the estimate of expenses at the price of one shilling per copy.

(4) At an estimates meeting of a local authority or at an adjournment thereof, the local authority—

(a) may by resolution amend, whether by addition, omission or variation, the estimate of expenses,

(b) shall by resolution adopt the estimate of expenses either (as the case may require) without amendment or with the amendments made therein under paragraph (a) of this subsection, and

(c) shall by resolution determine, in accordance with the estimate of expenses as so adopted, the rates in the pound to be levied for the several purposes specified in the estimate or, in the case of an elective body which is not a rating authority, prepare and by resolution adopt, in accordance with the estimate of expenses as so adopted, the demand or other instrument whereby the money to meet the expenses of the elective body in the local financial year then next ensuing is to be obtained.

(5) A local authority may adjourn an estimates meeting as often as they wish, subject to the limitation that no such adjournment shall be to a day not within the period of twenty-one days beginning on the day on which the estimates meeting begins.