Solicitors Act, 1954

Restriction on employment of person struck off roll or suspended.

60.—(1) A solicitor shall not, save under and in accordance with a written permission under this section, employ or remunerate, in connection with his practice as a solicitor, a person who to his knowledge is an unqualified person by reason of the striking off the roll of such person's name, the suspension of such person from practice or the suspension of his practising certificate.

(2) The Society may grant a permission for the purposes of subsection (1) of this section for such period and subject to such conditions as they think fit.

(3) A solicitor aggrieved by the refusal of the Society to grant a permission under this section, or by any conditions attached by the Society to the grant thereof, may appeal to the Chief Justice, and the Chief Justice may confirm the refusal or conditions, as the case may be, or may grant the permission for such period and subject to such conditions as he thinks fit.