Solicitors Act, 1954

Holding of office or engaging in employment during apprenticeship.

38.—(1) An apprentice shall not hold any office or engage in any employment other than employment under his apprenticeship unless, before doing so, he obtains the consent in writing of the solicitor to whom he is bound and the consent of the Society.

(2) The following provisions shall have effect with respect to a consent by the Society for the purposes of this section:

(a) the consent shall be by order of the Society,

(b) before making the order, the Society shall be satisfied that the holding of the office or the engagement in the employment will not prejudice the applicant's work as an apprentice,

(c) the order may impose on the applicant such terms and conditions regarding the office or employment and the applicant's service as an apprentice as the Society think fit,

(d) where terms or conditions are so imposed, the applicant shall, before being admitted as a solicitor, satisfy the Society that he has fulfilled those terms or conditions.