Solicitors Act, 1954

Prohibition on taking of apprentice.

31.—(1) In a case in which the Society have directed, or have power to direct, the registrar to refuse the application of a solicitor for a practising certificate, they may, by notice in writing served on the solicitor, prohibit him from taking any apprentice, and thereupon the solicitor shall not take any apprentice unless and until the Society withdraw the prohibition.

(2) Service by an apprentice to a solicitor who has taken him in contravention of a prohibition in force under this section shall, unless the Society direct otherwise, be deemed not to be good service by the apprentice under his indentures.

(3) Where under this section the Society prohibit a solicitor from taking any apprentice, they may, of their own motion, by order, discharge the indentures of any apprentice then already apprenticed to that solicitor upon such terms, including terms as to return of premium, as they think fit, and determine what period (if any) of service by the apprentice under the indentures shall be deemed good service.