Solicitors Act, 1954

Registration of indentures.

28.—(1) Indentures of apprenticeship shall be produced to the registrar for registration and the registrar, on being satisfied by statutory declaration or such other evidence as he considers sufficient of the due execution of the indentures, shall enter in a register the names and addresses of the parties to the indentures, the date thereof and the date of the making of the entry.

(2) The register under this section shall be kept available for public inspection during office hours without payment.

(3) Where the indentures of apprenticeship of an apprentice are not produced to the registrar for registration within six months from the date thereof, the service of the apprentice shall, unless the Society otherwise direct, be reckoned as commencing only upon the date of the production of the indentures.

(4) The provisions of this section with respect to the production and entry of indentures shall apply in the case of fresh indentures, and in the case of an assignment or transfer of indentures under section 32 or under an order under section 34 or 35 of this Act, in the same manner as they apply in the case of original indentures.