Solicitors Act, 1954


Form of Practising Certificate.

Section 47.

No.              For the practice year ending the 5th day of January, 19         .

Pursuant to the Solicitors Act, 1954, the Registrar of Solicitors hereby certifies that

solicitor, whose sole or principal place of business is at


has delivered to the Registrar of Solicitors a declaration in writing pursuant to the said Act, and hereby further certifies that the said solicitor is duly enrolled as a solicitor of the Courts of Justice, and is entitled to practise as such solicitor.

Given under the hand of the Registrar of Solicitors

this_______ day of_______




A practising certificate is in force only as on and from the day of which it bears the date unless an order directing otherwise has been obtained under the Solicitors Act, 1954.