Red Cross Act, 1954

Restriction on use of arms of the Swiss Confederation.

9.—Section 5 of the Principal Act (which restricts the use of arms of the Swiss Confederation) is hereby amended as follows:—

(a) the following subsection shall be substituted for subsection (1):—

“(1) It shall not be lawful for any person to use or display as trade marks or commercial marks, or as part of such marks, or for purposes contrary to commercial honesty, or in circumstances capable of wounding Swiss national sentiment—

(a) any design consisting of a white or silver cross on a red ground, none of the limbs of which extends to the margin of the ground, being the cross comprised in the Arms of the Swiss Confederation, or

(b) any design which is a colourable imitation of such first-mentioned design.”

(b) subsection (3) shall be deleted.