Defence Act, 1954

Deductions from pay of man in respect of maintenance of wife and children.

99.—(1) Where it appears to the Minister that a person who is or subsequently becomes a man of the Permanent Defence Force has deserted or left in destitute circumstances, without reasonable cause, his wife or any of his legitimate children under the age of sixteen years, the Minister may order to be deducted from the daily pay of such person as a man of the Permanent Defence Force and applied in such manner as the Minister thinks fit towards the maintenance of the wife or such legitimate children such portion (not exceeding, in case he holds the rank of sergeant or a higher non-commissioned army rank or the rank of petty officer or a higher non-commissioned naval rank, two-thirds or, in any other case, three-fourths) of his daily pay as the Minister thinks fit.

(2) Where a reservist is called out on permanent service, subsection (1) of this section shall apply in respect of him in like manner as it applies in respect of a man of the Permanent Defence Force.