Defence Act, 1954

Chapter IV.

Miscellaneous Provisions in relation to the Defence Forces.

Special powers in relation to defence.

30.—(1) The Minister may do all or any of the following things—

(a) construct and maintain barracks, quarters, defence works, magazines, aerodromes, ranges, harbours, piers, dock-yards, dry docks and anchorages;

(b) construct, acquire, equip, maintain and commission public armed vessels and auxiliaries thereto;

(c) construct, acquire, equip, maintain and man vessels (other than public armed vessels and auxiliaries thereto) required for defence purposes;

(d) place and maintain buoys and lights;

(e) lay mines;

(f) establish, work and maintain and contract for the establishment, working and maintenance of arms and ammunition factories and factories for the manufacture of other service equipment and stores;

(g) employ (including employ by way of apprenticeship) civilians with the Defence Forces or in a factory established under this section;

(h) subject to the provisions of this Act, all such other things as seem to him necessary for the efficient military defence of the State.

(2) Where the exercise of any of the powers conferred by subsection (1) of this section involves a charge on public funds, such powers shall be exercised only with the concurrence of the Minister for Finance.