Defence Act, 1954

Regulations in relation to the Army Nursing Service.

292.—The Minister may make regulations in respect of the Army Nursing Service in relation to all or any of the following matters, that is to say:—

(a) the organisation, command and administration thereof;

(b) the grades of appointment therein and the numerical establishment thereof;

(c) the admission and appointment of members thereto;

(d) the agreements to be signed by persons seeking admission thereto and the members thereof;

(e) the conditions of service of members thereof;

(f) the promotion, retirement, discharge and dismissal of members thereof;

(g) the discipline and punishment of members thereof;

(h) the uniform to be worn by members thereof;

(i) the pay and allowances of members thereof, and the forfeitures and stoppages of, and the deductions from, such pay and allowances which may be made;

(j) the leave of members thereof;

(k) any other matter or thing relating to the internal management thereof.