Defence Act, 1954

Insanity of accused at time of commission of offence.

203.—(1) Where at the trial by court-martial of a person charged with an offence it appears that such person did the act or made the omission charged, but was insane at the time when he did the said act or made the said omission, the following provisions shall have effect, that is to say:—

(a) the court-martial shall find specially that the accused was guilty of the act or omission charged but was insane at the time he did the act or made the omission;

(b) such person shall be kept in custody in the prescribed manner until the directions of the Minister thereon are known;

(c) the Minister may give orders for the safe custody of such person during his pleasure in such place and in such manner as he thinks fit.

(2) A finding under this section shall be subject to confirmation in like manner as any other finding.