Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Act, 1953

Application of Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Act, 1946.

1.—The Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Act, 1946 (No. 36 of 1946), shall apply to the local financial year ending on the 31st day of March, 1954, and the two following local financial years and shall so apply subject to the following modifications:—

(i) supplementary allowances under section 6 shall not be made,

(ii) section 7 shall have effect with the deletion of subsections (1) and (4) and the insertion of the following subsection:—

“(1) (a) The council of a county shall make to the person rated in respect of a tenement of agricultural land an allowance (to be called ‘employment allowance’) in respect of each adult workman who was, during the whole of the qualifying period for a financial year to which this Act applies, at work on the tenement.

(b) The amount of the allowance shall be calculated at the rate of seventeen pounds in respect of each workman but the total of the allowances shall not exceed an amount equal to the produce of the general rate in the pound on each part of the remaining valuation of the tenement”.