Courts of Justice Act, 1953

Reconstitution of Superior Courts Rules Committee.

15.—(1) The Superior Courts Rules Committee established by section 67 of the Act of 1936 shall hereafter consist of three ex-officio members and eight nominated members.

(2) The ex-officio members shall be—

(a) the Chief Justice, who shall be chairman of the Committee,

(b) the President of the High Court, who shall be vice-chairman of the Committee, and

(c) the Master of the High Court.

(3) Two of the nominated members shall be practising barristers nominated by the General Council of the Bar of Ireland, of whom one shall be of the Senior Bar and the other of the Junior Bar, and two shall be practising solicitors nominated by the Council of the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland.

(4) Every nominated member of the Committee shall, unless he sooner dies, resigns, or ceases to be (as the case may be) an ordinary judge of the Supreme Court, an ordinary judge of the High Court, a practising barrister, or (in the case of the member of the Junior Bar) a member of the Junior Bar, or a practising solicitor, hold office as such member for five years from the date of his nomination.

(5) To avoid doubts, it is hereby declared that the Committee has and shall be deemed always to have had the power to make rules for the trial of election petitions under any statute for the time being in force, including power to modify or adapt any such statute for the purpose of such rules.