Intoxicating Liquor Act, 1953

Local authority certificate approving site for licensed premises.

6.—(1) A local authority may, if they think fit, issue to any person a certificate declaring that—

(a) after the passing of this Act particular licensed premises have been or are to be demolished by or by direction of the authority in exercise of any of their functions, and

(b) a particular site acquired by them is approved by them as a site for licensed premises in substitution for the former premises.

(2) The local authority shall not issue a certificate to any person other than the person (or nominee of the person) who holds the lowest estate or tenancy in the premises or, where the premises have been acquired by the local authority, held it immediately before such acquisition unless that person has been offered and has not accepted a certificate.

(3) Where the lowest estate or tenancy is subject to a condition (whether in respect of intoxicating liquor generally or any class of intoxicating liquor) that the holder of such estate or tenancy shall sell only such liquor purchased from or through the immediate lessor, then, for the purpose of subsection (2), the immediate lessor shall be deemed to be the person who holds (or held) the lowest estate or tenancy.